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Civil War Uniform Rank Insignia

Extensive collection of reproduction American Civil War and Mexican War period rank insignias and ornamentation for the Union and Cofederate Army uniforms including the following:

  •  Union Army Shoulder boards: 2nd Leitenant,Leitenant ,Captain, major,leitenant Colonel, Colonel, Major General, Brigadier General and general in chief, for Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Medical Staff, Chaplain, Berdan, Rifle Officer's, General Staff Officer's and Dragoon Officer'sConfederate Army collar rank insignia
  • Epaulettes, shoulder knots, and brass shoulder scales,
  • Embroidered hat insignias  Artillery Cross cannons,Cavalry Cross Sabers, Infantry Bugle and  Oficer's one Star in wreath, Two Star in Wreath, and 3 Star in wreath 
  • Hat Cords  Worsted Wool Hat Cords for Enlistedman, Officer's Hat Cords in metallic thread, all gold, black and gold,red& gold, yellow and gold, blue and silver, blue and gold
  • Army Corp badges
  • Masonic hat and robe patches
  • Union and Confederate chevrons Corporal, Sargent, 1st sargent, ordanance sargent, Quater Master Sargent, Quatermaster Sargent Regt.,and Sargent Major
  • US& CS Navy Officer's Shoulder Boards  Hat Insignias